Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Gossip

Last Fall when we were up in Glen Arbor, MI I dropped in a local bookstore. In the back they sold older books and I picked up the Thornton W. Burgess Nature Almanac, 1949. I loved the graphics and hope you do to. One of the pages was dedicated to Spring Gossip which just seemed to fit the mood today here at Maple Hill - you know, when you can "smell" Spring (aka there is a lot of mud in my yard, but that's besided the point)...
I have not seen a Spring Robin yet but hope to soon.
Our Chickadees are a rather rude bunch - I've noticed they don't share well in the Bird Feeder.
We have a thing about Chipmunks here - cute as they are, I have lots of "tunnels" around my house - lets just say we've had to take some drastic measures much to the dislike of other members of my family (Sis knows what I'm talking about).

We see Hawks around our place all the time - wish they did a better job with Danny Meadow Mouse!
Cardinals are one of my favorite birds - I love their red coats.
Johnny and Jerry are more likely to be found at one of the ponds further up the road from us.
And I'll soon start seeing Redwings on my morning runs - a sure sign Ole Man Winter is giving up. Hope you enjoyed the current gossip in my "hood"....Jewels.


  1. Very nice post, Julie. Love all the birdies and little critters. We did have some splendid days this week - and I'm sure more will come later. Carol

  2. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when it comes to critters. Your blog looks great - I don't think I noticed the update before, but it's very springlike!

  3. Yes, I know exactly what you are referring to regarding the Chipmunks, too bad the hawk can't take care of that problem then a certain family member may not be so squeamish!
    While heading to the College on Thursday I saw a blanket of white in a farmers field. At first I thought it was seagulls until I got closer and discovered a huge flock of Tundra Swans!!! That is definitely a sure sign around here that winter is at it's end.
    There are a couple of houses in the block that have tapped their Maple trees.....very unusual in the city but hey what ever gets you in the spring mood!
    I haven't seen a robin, but I've definitely heard them in the distance. As for the smell of spring.......there is nothing more tantalizing to a gardener than the musty smell of defrosting ground!!! WooooHoooo we're on our way!!
    Easter is coming too! Hope to see you then.
    Sis xo