Saturday, April 10, 2010

Into The Woods

I may have mentioned Maple Hill sits on two acres of woodlands...

Looking out from our Sun Room all you see are trees...

Today, being so nice and warm (we had snow yesterday!) and trying to avoid yard work I decided to go into the woods to see what I could find...
It's a little early yet to find wild flowers (one Spring I found the prettiest pink Lady Slipper all by itself). It is a little to wet still - especially along what are deer trails in the Winter - had to jump a lot of puddles today.
But there were lots of examples of what I call Nature's Art
Every thing natural - no special set up
The Spring sun flickering on moss
How did this trunk know to land right between those two trees?
Obviously the bugs got to this trunk - look at the patterns they etched
I can imagine a little "fairy hut" under this stump
Sigh, unfortunately I did have to go back (today it was cleaning windows - all the better to see my woods!) but it was nice to spend some time just taking in the scenery. Hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my little hike. Cheers, Jewels.


  1. Oh that was fun. :)

  2. Nice post for a spring day, Julie. And I love your picture watering your little garden! Cutie! Carol

  3. Oh my our back yard looked so bare when you were little! I can see Doreen's garbage cans beside the phone box......our Mum was a gardener back then and where is the pool and the garage? LOL
    J xox

  4. Man I was skinny back then - I believe this was taken soon after we moved into 1075 Fairlane (mid 1960's) so no landscaping (I'll post a pic one day showing what it looks like now)

  5. I was around 2 when we moved there. It just looks so odd compared to now!
    J xo