Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quilt Show Entry and Tutorial

I can not believe our Guild's Quilt Show is next Friday! It has been a whirlwind the last few weeks pulling everything together (thanks to many volunteers) and I have to say my Big Girl Job has not helped much - terribly busy (want some cheese with that whine.....). Anyway, I figured this year I really should enter some thing. I persuaded my Mum to let me enter her quilt (Birthday Violets) which you can see in this earlier post. I also got creative and did a Fabric Collage which I thought I'd share how I made. This was a technique we learned at Guild a couple of years back (I also used it in a recent ATC).

Start with a piece of fabric (this was old upholstery). Adhere a layer of adhesive (I really like Steam A Seam) on top of the right side.

Layer bits and pieces on top (lace, thread, shiny stuff) - what ever gives it texture...

Iron a piece of tulle on top to keep everything in place (use the paper your removed from when you adhered the adhesive and iron on).
Then start decorating on top of your background! It is SOOOOOOO easy to do.
I copied my picture on to fabric. I also added a lace collar piece, metallic ribbon, buttons and beads, some silk and other pieces of lace - all mounted on another piece of old upholstery....

I really had a hard time deciding how to finish this off - use for a Journal, create a wall hanging, or ???

Then after a good Thrift I happen to sit it on top of an old frame I picked up - looks like a good match to me. Rather then put it under glass I decided to place it on top...Of course I've been looking at it for so long now I've developed a love/hate relationship with this piece - but Carol gave it the thumbs up (thanks my friend!) so into the show it goes....
If you are interested, find out more about what is happening this week for our Show at my other blog!

Cheers Jewels


  1. Looking forward to the show and helping with the hanging of quilts. I will get there early and help Robyn hang hers for her featured collection also. See you Thursday.

  2. It looks beautiful, Julie. I, too, will be there Thursday and will stay until time to go home so I can get pictures of all the quilts, the bazaar, auction, etc. Hope to see you there! Carol

  3. That is so cool! (and it looks like something even I could do)

  4. I love what you created. I found your blog while "hopping" (the blog kind of hopping" love it!