Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest Haul

I've been curbing my thrifting of late...which has not been difficult to do simply because there is not a lot of good stuff out there I really was not looking to pick anything up

but every now and then I will "brake" for a Church Rummage Sale

I have to say I was not to hopeful when I first walked in - tables and tables of clothes - But then I started poking around and came across a few treasures.

I love the books (as you know) ... Mrs. Linscott published this in 1905...

.. How about holding a Spinster Tea like the one described here - HOW FUNNY (or maybe sad) - bring with you an old-fashioned picture of a man supposed to have been refused by you...

This particular text (1929) provided details...
on How to Argue - while I like the idea (though hubby probably thinks I don't need any help with this), not so sure about the practice example "It is more important for girls to learn to cook then to learn to sew "(HUH?)
The nice Mother Goose Book (1948) and Vintage Fabric scraps are a favorite...

..but best of all was this framed print (Carol thought it was quite cool - and she should know as she has some real lovelies like this at her place). It's great to have good thrifting days don't you think? Especially when the final tally is only $6.00! Hoping you have a good thrift soon...Jewels.



  2. You really did bring home a lot of great things for $6.00, Julie! And your pictures are really pretty - good job. Carol

  3. Oh---as you know me likey when you go thrifting!!!!lol Especially when I benefit from your thoughtfulness.

  4. Your haul is WONDERFUL!!!! I'm pea green!~~~XXOO, Beth

  5. That handkerchief just about did me in. Is that young Miss Tickety Boo in the header?