Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

The weather was beautiful (unseasonably warm), the drive there was totally uneventful, G&G were well behaved, very few people around so wonderfully quiet ....and I was sicker then can be - what a waste of vacation time! Unfortunately I managed to get hubbies nasty cold and it hit me full force for most of our time at the cottage - very disappointing.
I did manage to get some snaps when I could drag myself about - even though we have had the place for several years I still come across new things...the first thing I noticed was the remains of woodpeckers (on several trees) getting their next meal!This old piece of farm equipment sits out front of one of our neighbours drives...

Hubby and I went "snooping" while out walking and checked out properties for sale - only to find this windmill (pretty neat).
I noticed some folks really like to lock things down...I guess their cottage is their castle (get it - LOL)...And some have pretty fancy mailboxes....
The good news was that we were able to sit out on the deck and sun ourselves - and see the first flowers coming up...
I also have some "odds and ends" to share - have you ever see this kind of teapot (it's actually bright orange)? My cottage neighbour gave it to me - and of course of I've lost the piece of paper with the details about it - so if you recognize it let me know (and if I find my notes I will let YOU know!).
We have lots of "British" pieces about the place - like this old tin from Queen Elizabeth's coronation.
I also have another one of those "how did that happen" collections - of teaspoons! I try to keep them to Canadian themes - as many local locations as possible...
Old postcards on the Fridge
Truth is, I found I did a lot of this - just drinking warm fluids, some writing, and taking in the scenery -
When we go back in May we hope to have had a lot of exterior remodeling done (doors, windows, siding) - so here is a "before" picture - will let you see the "after" then! Cheers, Jewels...


  1. Oh I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well on your much awaited vacation from work. Oh well, atleast the weather was wonderful.

  2. I'm sorry, too, Julie, that you had a bug while you were on your much anticipated and I am sure much needed week at your wonderful cottage. And it really was good that the weather was so very nice - this has been more like Kansas than Michigan! Nice pictures, too! Carol

  3. I know it's not good to be sick on vacation but at least you were able to get the rest you needed to get better. Sorry we missed you on Saturday!
    Love ya