Saturday, May 8, 2010

Progress Report

A few posts back I mentioned our lovely little cottage was getting a big remodeling job....our friend who has been working hard on it sent some pictures this weekend. Oh my - never know what you will find underneath the layers...

Unfortunately there were some bad spots that included lots of ants (yech) - fortunately they have all been fixed (with strong advise to get some new gutters installed) ...

Here is a preview of what everything will look like - the two walls they were able to finish
New doors and windows are coming this week - and everything will be done before Memorial Day weekend

I am a little concerned what we will find when we get there - you know how it is, one job like this leads to another, and another, and another ....

AND for my reliees who like to go up - the phone line is getting fixed! The problem was found (external) so no more crackly lines (I hope)....more to come....


  1. Such a great place - and it will be even greater. Bet you can hardly wait to get back up there and see what has been done. And I absolutely love the picture on your header! That is super cute - is it you and your sister? Sherry looked like a little boy for a long time when she had little overalls on so figure that is the case of your sister. And you are sitting on the railroad tracks! Darling. Carol

  2. Actually thats me and my bro - I often joke about this picture that we had been "abandoned". Probably taken around 1961...oops, aging myself the matching sweaters (how British is that) Jewels

  3. WOW!!! Holy doodle sistah! Are we going to be able to find the place when we go up this year!!?? That looks terrific! You found a gem with your contractor that's for sure. Can't wait to see the finished product. Knowing you, there will be some major interior stuff to do once this is about putting in a hot tub!!! Just kiddin.
    J oxo

  4. PS Glad to hear the phone is getting fixed. It will be nice to actually hear more than just a snap, crackle, pop on the line!!

  5. Oh my your cover picture is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I hope that this is framed and out for you to look at and enjoy always.