Friday, May 14, 2010

Seniors Moment

I like seniors, I realllllllly do. My parents are seniors, and I'm pretty sure I like them. Some of my good friends, like Carol, are seniors - pretty sure I like them to!

And according to AARP I'm a senior - my hubby (who is a few years younger) laughed his socks off when I recieved an AARP membership - which of course I took since, even though I neither look or feel like a senior, I'm all for discounts (har, har).
I like seniors so I am happy to support Senior Cottage in point...
Every year our Mall has a Senior's Craft Weekend which coincides with Mother's Day. For the last few years I have been visiting the booth of one lovely lady who makes garden art....

..and I mean NICE garden art. I first fell in love with her birdhouses - which she and her husband make from recycled materials (bonus) in a nearly (two years to go) Centennial farm (bonus x 2) . I just like the shape and creativity
After all - see that AARP headline - while I'm MANY years from 63, I may also need some young whippersnapper to support me when I'm selling stuff at the mall one day (LOL). Jewels.


  1. Oh Julie that is too funny. I am 47. How close am I to getting that Magazine? lol My husband gets senior coffees and a discont on our meal at a restaurant upnorth when every this very young blonde waits on us. He says since he was insulted he is not going to correct her and he takes the adjustment on the bill that she gives him. Oh well. He too is only 47. lol

  2. Hey join the club I to qualify for AARP ouch! Hugs, Diane