Monday, May 10, 2010

The Colour Purple

It's ATC time again - last month with everything that was going on we decided to "skip" so I'll have a blank for the month of April. But I think I am making up for it in May.This month's "theme" is the colour purple - so pretty much dictates what we will use!
Here is my process (you can certainly tell the difference between the night photos and the day shots - that top material is really NOT that yellow)....After figuring out material...
and graphic...
I proceeded to cover a 5" x 7" square of pellum with Steam a Seam and scraps of fabric
and stitched down using different cards for my machine
- not really sure how it was going to turn out
But once it got trimmed down to the size of an ATC (2 1/2 by 3 1/2) I was quite pleased and then I got to "play" - pulling my room apart for doohickies to add (after I just spent all weekend cleaning up from the Quilt Show, sigh! - its the process, its the process remember)

Here are two finished - looking quite lovely I think (see what I mean by the day shot). Cheers, Jewels


  1. You are getting this ATC making down pat, Julie! Much more imaginative than the ones I have been doing. I love the little bit of selvage you have in that. Good job, Julie! Cool the way you put together one piece then cut it up. See you tonight! Carol

  2. Great results from the quilt show. I think above anything we all had lots of fun. I love hanging the quilts and seeing the show come alive.