Sunday, May 23, 2010

While Running...

...I started running in the 80's - man have things changed since then. I look at old photos of me (no I'm not posting them) and am amazed how much running gear has improved since then, especially for women. In those days a women's running shoe was essentially a man's shoe but different colours. And the material was nothing like today - we also had those shorts (you know the kind, "short" and not too flattering).
I took a hiatus from running when we first moved to the States - reflecting back I did not realize just how homesick hubby and I were. Living in a different country, learning a new and busy job, trying to establish new friendships and connections - plus fitness "injuries" all collided and running got shelved.

But back in 2004 I started again and, except when the ole body won't allow it, I've stuck with it. Running has got me through a lot of things. It is the one time I can mentally clear my head and "problem solve". I've written entire reports in my head while running. I've also used it to "let go" when life throws curve balls - it can be very cathartic. It's also helped me set goals - I always said I would run a half (13 miles) and full marathon (26 miles) and I did. While I don't expect to do again, I can still do a 4 mile run and not feel completely whipped - though the older I get the harder it is to drag my keister out of bed in the morning.

Which brings me to today's blog. I decided to take my camera with me on my run. I am a morning runner which usually means it is dark out. But on weekends, especially in the summer, I have more day light. I have a four mile "block" from my house north of town which means I get to run on rural roads. We have had unseasonably warm weather this spring (in the 80's today). Going out there was a light fog indicating a humid day for us.
There are some interesting sights along my way...a park that get's used by horse riders and "mountain" bikers (say that tongue in cheek as Midland is as flat as can be).
In the winter it gets used for tobogganing and sledding

An old country cemetery..
and lots
of barns (I like old barns, don't you?)

And old colourful farmhouses

I'll not show you the number of "dirty ditches" I run by, but every now and then you come across ones full of flowers

At this time of year plenty of birds, including this red winged black bird who decided to follow me for part of my run.
Back at Maple Hill you can see the perennials are well on their way - I just have not had enough time to get to the nursery for my annuals (sigh)...anyway, thanks for joining me on my jog! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend to.


  1. Great pictures, Julie! What a great place you have to do your running. I never did any of that but I certainly did my share of walking until the last few years. Tis good for you! Would love to be able to do the three miles I used to do so easily, but am glad I did them when I could. I haven't been to any nurseries yet and probably won't now that we have a heat spell in the works. I just don't do heat well. Methinks they will still have flowers for me to purchase when I do get there Have a great week, my friend. Carol

  2. Nice pictures and yes my favorite thing to look at besides flowers is barns. I love a pretty old barn and farm house. I like to look at a farm house that has been vacant and think "why is that". We just got home from up north and the weather was just perfect. Have a great work week!

  3. It was wonderful to go along with you on your run today! Just beautiful. I have been to Midland - you are right, it is flat! Makes for good running though! Elizabeth

  4. Hi Jewels! Great pics! You know I just love Michigan there really are so many beautiful things to look at! You probably know I adore old barns and buildings! Thanks for sharing your morning! Keep up the good work! and have a great Memorial Day!!! weekend at your precious cabin! XO Fran.