Monday, May 16, 2011

I've got MAIL!

Recently Leslie asked if anyone would be interested in starting a Mail Art Exchange with her. Because I have absolutely nothing else to do (yeah, sure), I immediately signed up.

I agree with Leslie, it so much nicer to recieve "fun" things in the mail. I've been very envious of the great stuff Jo and Lenna receive...For our first exchange we did a little "getting to know you" and provided information on our home towns. This was Leslie's lovely mail from California - the lamb did arrive "decapitated" but fortunately I was able to recover the poor head stuck to another piece of mail - immediate surgery was required! The back is cool too - I get a little glimpse of her studio, and the artist herself. Leslie added a few items
for my ephemera collection.

Beth also decided to join us - turns out she is just up the proverbial road from me in the wonderful state of Michigan. I love how she spelt out my address with letters - and I think those little Scotty Dogs are just grand (I'm a sucker for Scotty Dogs - but don't tell Miss Gwendoline). Beth was also kind enough to tuck a few things into her envelope.

Mary, who happens to live in the same town as Beth, participated too. She bravely stuck fake snow amongst other things on to her envelope! And it all arrived just fine. Note the little fabric square - turns out we are both quilters. Sounds like she is a cat lover to (x 4!)

I did a little twist on mine as I was heading to my second home in Canada - so my mail was international.

What can I say, I'm very proud of my retirement home "to be"!
Funny but it turns out Beth and Leslie (who grew up in Ypsilanti) both are familiar with Ontario - it really is a small world!
We are off to a good start. Our first official theme is Royalty as a tribute to Kate and Will (just seemed right LOL). Of course its a theme that could take you in a gazillion directions so everyone has been having fun coming up with their designs. Enjoy! Jewels (p.s. if this post seems a little out of whack - IT IS - I am really fighting Blogger these days - the new way to load photos is just not working for me - any and all advise welcome!)


  1. This is so wonderful to see! I remember Leslie asking if she could mention it (a swap) but I did not know what happened. I am so tickled to see all this mail art! And you are so funny with your "sheep head" jewels!! you always get me giggling : )) great stuff, and to think I received your first mail art envie not too long ago, hard to believe. Your envelopes are faboo! : ) L

  2. Well isn't this all just gorgeous! A real feast for the eyes. All the envelopes you received are wonderful (I love the sentiment, "The envelope, please" and those Scottie dogs, ahhhhh - don't tell Rosie Mae!) The Mail Art you created is wonderful, really lush and I love that dark red background. I also like the idea of the 'postage stamp space' in the top right hand corner - my best bits always seem to end up under a stamp!!

    Looking forward to your Royalty Mail Art swap. My group's next theme is 'birds bees and butterflies'. I'd better get strated!


  3. It's always weird to see my art on someone else's blog. It's like - how'd that get there?? LOL

    I really enjoy mail art. I get a kick from imagining the various people who see it along the way. And I like that there are no rules other than the theme. Thanks for posting those... I need to to do one of my own.

  4. The mail art does look great...huh! I love it!I'm nearly ready for the next posting. I hope it gets through easier this time. Thanks for the posting.

  5. The altered book swap I did a couple of years ago with five other ladies was a high point of that year. I will always treasure my book. I love your collages (similar to mine, I think, if you check out my Just Julie blog). I also love the envelopes! We didn't decorate ours - wish we had.