Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cowgirl Boots and Miss G

This month's Mail Art (Cowgirls) arrived from Beth...
 She went digital this time and her envelope is awesome - both the front
And the back - way cool. AND she included some neat ephemera for me to use - thanks B!
Meanwhile, a little report on Miss Gwendoline - who had to have surgery this week to check out the back of one of her legs (plus she was overdue for dental cleaning). The good news is the Vet did not need to do a biopsy (yeah). Its just a really large fatty deposit..
The bad news is Miss G has stitches on her butt that she is not allowed to "lick" (but of course immediately started to when she got home). One recommendation was to put some "pants" on her. Now really, last time I checked neither Hubby or I are her size (what is it triple 0?) so I improvised much to her disgust (we won't get into details on what I used but needless to say they will be out in the trash once this over, LOL). We ended up having to rent a special collar (but not the cone, thank goodness) which seems to be helping. I expect she will be just fine - and her breath is now minty fresh as well... Cheers, Jewels


  1. You tell Miss Gwen that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!!! No more mooching in the kitchen.
    Dogs aren't even immune to fatty deposits! LOL Glad to hear she is ok though.
    Behave Gwen, you don't want a nasty infection.
    Aunt J xoxo

  2. Oh dear my little gina dog had a lage fatty deposit on her neck that worried me so but my vet said to just leave it and it never got much larger. I am glad she is doing better you all have had enough on the doggie front.

  3. oh, I hope ms. gwendoline feels better soooon! xo auntie lenna

  4. Poor Miss G, she looks rather sorry for herself.

    Rosie Mae has fatty deposits (don't we all?!) which we're monitoring. She is booked in to have her teeth cleaned on Thursday. I'm rather nervous about it because she has a heart murmur but it has to be done. Her breath STINKS and the vet also said that all that bacteria in her mouth could get into her blood stream and cause major problems *gulp*

    Glad Miss G is on the road to recovery.


  5. Hope your little Miss Gwendolyn is doing better this afternoon. She is such a cute little girl. The cowgirl art you girls are exchanging is so cute. I skyped with Norah, Chad and Henry this afternoon. Isn't technology wonderful? I got to watch him sleep and wiggle around. He's a doll.