Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Memories 1

I can't believe I've only been home a few short days - fortunately I have many happy memories of a wonderful break - I'll let some of my pics say it all...

and Late Afternoon
Water everywhere
Visitors (dining on expensive crackers)
And locals with a sense of humor


  1. I can see why you love the cabin so much. Just looking at the water moving over that rock calmed my heartbeat. What a beautiful, restful place to call home. So glad you're back, though. Can't wait for more pictures.xoxbb

  2. Julie - your photos are wonderful. You have an eye for picking out what to take, where, etc. Very pleasing - and what a great place to be photographing!

  3. Julie, I can see why you love your cottage. The pictures are wonderful. Great to see you on Tuesday. I remembered who works with your husband, it was one of Elle's professors at SVSU's wife and he had mentioned that she worked there and he had to go and get the baby after class. lol

  4. Ha-ha - I saw that 'Leslie' had left a comment, and I thought No I didn't! I hardly ever run into my name.
    What a lovely place to spend some time. I love the picture of the little creek. If I ever win the lotto, I'm going to travel around visiting all my internet friends.

  5. dear jewels, the photos are so lovely . . . it reminds me of wolfe island, Canada -it really does. So glad you had a wonderful time. xo lenna