Sunday, December 18, 2011

Curtain Call

I don't consider myself a great sewer - maybe a good one. I clearly recall my sewing classes in Home Economics were not that successful at the time (on the other hand, my family suffered many a weekend morning eating "cinnamon toast" that I had learned to make). My Mum sewed - I remember the doll clothes she made (wish I still had) and curtains for our Volkswagon van amongst other things. As I got older (high school) I made a gazillion (or it seemed at the time) felt mice for the Church Fair - another year Turtles (I think that might have been for Girl Guide camp). I made a few clothes for high school and university so I knew how to at least read a pattern and make sense of it. My quilting renaissance was the late 1990's till I recently got hooked on fabric art and collaging...
Bottom line - I can at least sew a straight line (if no wine has been involved before or during) which brings me to this weekend's project. My kitchen window overlooking our woodlot usually has a valance of flowers which really do not fit the Season.
I wanted to make something that could stay up until March without too much guilt (you know, like the folks who leave Christmas lights up AND on).
I thought this material fit the bill (and cheap from JoAnnes).
The right shade of red and white - though hard to tell on this dull day. As you can see we had snow over night...
The picture above my window is by Claudette Castonguay from Quebec City (but of course, how Canadian eh).

It is a combination of painting (background) and paper piecing (the three people) ... the snow flakes are painted on to the glass. Hubby and I went to Quebec City in February one year - LOTS of snow and cold - this picture reminds me how colourful and unique it was...just love it every year when I pull it out for the holidays. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Oh, Jewels... I just love your view. I might actually LIKE to do dishes if I had a view like that to keep me entertained. And the valance is perfect - good job.

  2. As Leslie says, what a lovely view from your kitchen window! I'm v impressed with your sewing skills - I have a sewing machine but it scares the hell out of me so it sits muttering in a dark cupboard. Lovely fabric for your valence, it goes perfectly with your colourful and cheerful picture.


  3. Yes I love my view - especially when it is feeding time...or those occasions when the deer are quietly passing through on their favorite trail - I'm very lucky...

  4. Love your new curtain fabric. I love it when people remember to make them full enough. Yours are perfect to my liking. So Grrreat Job. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Good job, Julie!! The valance is perfect and I would never tire of that view. I adore your picture and think you should have that out all winter! Sending along my best wishes for a good Christmas. Hugs, Carol

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  7. Nice job, Jewels. A touch of red is always uplifting no matter what the season or holiday. It does help to have a pleasant view while doing dishes. Love your Quebec City picture, very festive. Happy Holidays. Hope to see you in the New Year. Hugs. bb

  8. Such a pleasure, finding your spot by happy happenstance.
    You now have a new Follower in me!
    And Gwendoline is so utterly precious, I could eat her up with hugs.

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