Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hats Off Part 1

So when Fiddlesnips Jo says "want to do a swap, just you an me" HO! I am right there...(those of you who know Jo please don't be jealous - have you seen the number of swaps she does? I'm sure your paths will cross some day)....
My mail art showed up Wednesday...amongst all the Christmas cards so hubby did not even blink as he was sorting the envelopes. I really expected some kind of comment about odd Christmas greetings from English relatives and that strategically placed green leaf  but I think he has gotten used to some of the bizzare things that have showed up this year in the post box (LOL).
The theme we agreed to was "Hats" - I never get more specific than one general idea so totally open to interpretation. I love Jo's card - my Mum was a knitter when we were young so I got my share of handmade items. It was the first thing I thought of...thanks Jo! Yours is in the post and I am keeping my fingers (toes and eyes) crossed it makes it over the big pond in good shape...but I won't post any spoilers until you get it. Cheers. Jewels


  1. Very cool post cards. Very creative, love the green leaf. lol

  2. So pleased the postcard and Mail Art turned up safely (and for your kind words!). I was made to wear knitted balaclavas as a child. Navy blue. Itchy. Scratchy. HATED THEM with a vengeance, so I don't know why that little lad is smiling! Looking forward to receiving yours..............:o)

    ps Fancy another swap in the New Year.......?

  3. Love your cards. Looks like a fun theme. Hugs. bb

  4. I love the background on the knitted headgear card, on both cards actually. What all did you do?