Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Give Away

OMG - arty friends there is hope! While working on this ATC hubbie, who was walking by, actually came and asked "What'cha workin on?" followed by "Something Christmasy". I just about fainted. I explained that I was celebrating  >18,000 hits on my blog (which we agreed I probably accounted for half that number LOL).
Anywho, made my day. I found this image in a travel book which just felt right for the time of year. I think it was actually taken at Lake Tahoe. Love the girls "nordic" sweaters. Can just see the two of them going for hot chocolate (maybe spiked with a little brandy) at the Ski Lodge afterwards. It's "holiday" neutral so you can display till all the snow melts if you like! If your interested just leave a comment on this post (be sure I can get to your email address) and I'll let Miss Gwendoline randomly pull a name next weekend. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Great giveway, Jewels. Those girlies must be on the bunny hill because their clothes are swank, but maybe not that warm. Count me in and I'll even bribe Miss Gwendoline with a yummy treat. Besides, I make up for another half of the hits. Glad to see you have some time to be artsy. Hugs. bb

  2. Congrats on getting all those hits! I would love to win your winter ATC! Love the outfits!

  3. Julie, count me in! Your ATC's are beautiful and it would be in good company with the many others of yours I have from our years of swapping. Good stuff, my friend. Carol

  4. I can top queenb2u's offer, I'll bribe Miss Gwendoline with a HOMEMADE yummy treat!

    Please put my name in the hat, I'd love to win this Jewels-special.

    Congrats on 18,000 hits!!


  5. Hi Jewels - cool ATC. Love the blond pageboy on the right. I sooo used to want hair like that.
    My DH asks now and then what I'm doing if I have stuff all over the kitchen table but otherwise I have to stick it between his face and his book or the TV to get him to notice.

  6. I would love to win this! It would add some nostalgia to my Floridy-christmas time : ) I like your hot toddy ideas too!