Saturday, December 3, 2011

On Display

I have literally binders of Artist Trading Cards...I started creating them back in 2006 (has it been that long!).
At first most of my ATCs were made using fabric and I had the very fortunate opportunity to swap with three other ladies in my Guild for a few years. This has always been one of my favorites which I show off on a little stand.
When I "discovered" working with vintage images I started making more ATCs with paper ephemera. "Busy Bea" was done for one of Mary Green's classes. I liked how she turned out and framed her.
Recently I've been getting into retro and many of my current ATCs are from the 40's/50's. I wanted to be able to see them so I could stay "inspired". Kimberly over at ArtJoyStuff had posted this great stand filled with some of her ATCs. She got her's at Michaels but I ended up tracking one done through Amazon. You can always hint to loved ones about an addition to your Christmas gift list (LOL)....
These are going to my new office at work to remind me at the end of the day I WILL get creative time back home. How do you display your ATCs - would love to know.... By the way - I am closing in on 18,000 blog hits (really!) so I think I will just have to do an ATC giveaway to celebrate - stay tuned....Enjoy, Jewels


  1. It's great to see them displayed. I especially like the frame that holds the 12 retro ATCs. Must do something like that for some of my faves. Very cool, Jewels.

  2. I love how you've displayed your ATCs! They are so pretty that they should be out where you can enjoy them. Great idea!

  3. NICE! It will make your office look great and show how talented you are. Can't wait for your giveaway. Hugs. bb

  4. I love that you have them out to enjoy especially at your work. To some it is junk and clutter, but for me it all makes me smile. So my motto is surround yourself with things that make you happy and you will smile more often. Good idea bringing them to work!!!!!

  5. Hi Jewels, your ATC's are really lovely and deserve to be seen. I like how you've displayed your retro ones.

    Some of mine are out on display in a wire-photo-holder-kinda thing. The rest are stored in a folder.

    ps I've just about finished the postcard for our swap, just got the envelope to do..........x