Monday, February 27, 2012

Blown Fuses

Something about a pink stove tickles me, well, pink. Would you like to own one? I found this ad in an old Life magazine and felt like Martha (not THE Martha) deserved a Vintage Gluebook spread...
I can't help but think that honkin big roast in her oven would cause all kinds of blown fuses just to get the darn thing to cook! LOL. Enjoy, Jewels. 


  1. That's cute!! I'd love to have an all pink kitchen!

  2. how very your style & designs! :)

  3. Aaaarrrggghhh!! She's got a scary kinda look on her face!! Fab gluebook pages, I can see you had great fun putting them together :o)


  4. I love it. Don't know about a pink stove, but at one time I wanted a turquoise wood cookstove. Luckily, hubby never found one. Looks like you are having fun with those vintage mags.

  5. First of all I don't think a roast of any size would be welcome in your house. The vegetarian of the family would have a lot to say about that. Second, this chick is probably the same one who tried to kill her first husband with a poisoned cup of coffee on your January 25th post!!! xoxox See you this weekend, no sign of bad weather in the forecast.