Sunday, February 26, 2012

Experimentin Again!

I try at least once a week to take time for artsy things (usually Saturdays). I'm pretty lucky - when we remodeled a few years back I was able to stake out an area that combines my laundry room and "studio" - pretty handy to have a sink as this is the spot where I get messy!
I've been trying to do new things - so reading up on techniques, looking (with envy) at what others do in magazines or blogs, and generally taking the plunge.
I've done gel medium transfer but never with acrylic paint. Never knew you could do it! Got the idea from this great book which I bought when it first came out - Image Transfer Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy et al
Pretty straightforward - I wanted to try transferring images out of magazines (I'm finding the older the better ink wise - he was in a 1958 issue of Time). Acrylic paint - a lighter colour is better to use for a good transfer (have tonnes of that from my decorative painting days back in the 1990's - there does not seem to be a shelf life on this stuff) and a sturdy surface (here I used watercolor paper) - that's it.
Paint the surface and the picture (remember, it will transfer backwards so think about any text on your image). Work quickly so everything is still wet for the next step.
Adhere to each other and be sure to smooth out - I used a putty knife and brayer to get a good "stick". Let it dry well (I used an old hairdryer to speed the process but gave it at least an hour before the next step REALLY you should leave overnight to dry).
Wet the paper and start peeling ( I find using a paper towel helps) - wahoo he is coming through...
Once you have all the paper off, voila, you can use any way you want - I actually don't mind that it was not a perfect transfer - adds to the "aging" effect don't you think. I decided to make an ATC as he was small enough.
A handsome dude! Aplomb and all (can't remember the last time I heard that word spoke out loud, LOL). Lots of fun so try it out! Enjoy, Jewels...


  1. Jewels thanks for sharing this technique. Your resulting ATC was fabulous.When I eventually drag my paints out of storage I may even be tempted to have a go at this myself.
    Helen :)

  2. Great transfer - I think transfers are all the better when they're imperfect. I will try and get 'aplomb' into a sentence today!


  3. Love the way your fella turned out. I have that book and will have to revisit it. I've done transfers, but never this type. Great job showing and sharing. What if you mix the colors? I'll have to try it. Hugs. b

  4. Wow, that is very cool, and yes love the color and the not so perfect transfer. Very clever.

  5. That is super cool, Julie. I love the way your fellow came out and the card is wonderful. Very nice tutorial along with it.

  6. That is so neat!!! I want to try that! Thanks for sharing it! Love your ATC!

  7. Well, dang..... I had no idea you could transfer with paint. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow evening? Love the ATC. You always do cool ones and you're getting me more interested in that era. Have some old Popular Science mags full of pics in a box somewhere...

  8. I need to come back when I have more time and take notes on this technique you have here I really love it.

  9. I have never heard of using acrylic paint to transfer and boy does that work well!! Thank you Jewels!!

  10. Thanks for the tip. I think I will have to have a go so I can get my head round it properly.
    I always did have to have things explained 4 times.