Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tag and ATC and Journal

Where to begin...well today is Tag Tuesday and the theme is Swimming. As soon as I saw this one I knew exactly what I wanted to do...I grew up on the Great Lakes - Lake Huron to be exact - in Canada. On the shore line is a park called Canatara (which means Blue Water) which we went to many times when I was young.
I have this great picture of my pretty Mum (probably late 50's early 60's) sitting on the beach (with her purse LOL). I tinted with chalk, used stickles for bling and some text I found in one of my scrap boxes. Sweet eh!
Over my vacation I also did some artsy things - including this "flawless design" ATC using some scrap from experimenting I was doing (yes they are right - keep it all because you never know). I believe she is from an old McCalls Magazine (I think the flowers tucked in her waist was a photographer's after thought, ha) . So what is that background you ask (LOL)....
Well I prepped my "first" art journal - using what I had (essentially water colour paint from the dime store in town, too funny - I would not vouch for its "archival" properties). I managed to bring brushes and gesso and stamps and ink  - but no paint! 
But I actually like how the colours turned out - what do you think? Unfortunately my pics don't show them well...

Hold on - that ATC has potential on this spread...
And what about my tag here? I can do some journaling  beside it about going to the park...How serendipitous (big word for the day)! Argh, now I have to do the rest of the pages... Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I am smiling looking at all the art you did Jewels, it is fabulous!!! I really like the tag with the photo of your mom and it is perfectly serendipitous to add it to your new art journal. hey, those colors are nice & soft . . . I think you did good with those watercolors!!!

  2. Very creative with the water colors, Julie. And.. such a pretty picture of yur mom, that is a wonderful tag that you made with her image. Enjoy that!!!!

  3. Look at your Mum, she's so pretty. That's such a glamorous shot! I love what you've been doing and how you're going to use your ATC and tag. Your journal is going to look wonderful :o)


  4. Jewels, the tag with your Mum is beautiful!! I also love the pretty background on your ATC!

  5. Wow that is an amazing picture of Mum - had not seen that one before!

  6. Such pretty artwork, Julie! Love the picture of your Mum - I can see you in her! You are trying so many fun techniques and being very successful with your efforts! Carol