Sunday, December 2, 2012

These Boots...

I had to scale back on running awhile ago so I find myself doing a lot of walking. I decided to splurge yesterday and get myself some fancy schmancy hiking boots.
And today I decided to break them in - aren't they serious looking! It was 53 F (11 C) here today so perfect for getting out.
However, it was very overcast. We had rain last night and will again tonight. So everything is rather "brown".
You have to really look for interesting the gentle slope into the valley.
The rush of the stream (rather brown water I would say) from the storms.
The splash of green moss everywhere.
As well as fungi which I always like to see.
So after a couple of miles I decided to head home for a "cuppa and bikkies to dunk"....looks like I was in a rush LOL. Met some lovely puppies out with their humans and got to do some ear scratching...
Hope you had a lovely Sunday to. enjoy. Jewels


  1. Wow, great virtual walk, I really enjoyed the show. Thanks! lol

  2. I enjoyed your walk too but I didn't burn any calories so I better go out in the morning and walk myself. Nice boots!

  3. Hey Jewels, great post. Reminds me of my walk in the woods when I was in Ohio in Oct. Cool boots, too. Are they comfortable? I love the leaf strewn trail leading off thru the woods. Makes me wanna see where it goes. Where does it go? The lichen are lovely, white against the dark bark.

  4. No matter what time of year Jewels Michigan is always so pretty!! LOVE your new hiking boots!! XOXO Fran.

  5. dear jewels, Thanks for taking us along on your walk. It was beautiful! Your photos reminded me of the many walks I took in Connecticut. And 53 degrees, you say? That is pretty warm for Michigan this time of year, whoo hoo! How did the boots do? i still have my pair I wore on those northern walks but I raring wear them now in Florida. Here is to many more walks, for you & for me! XOXO