Sunday, March 17, 2013

Viral ATC

I had scraps of fabric paper left from my little bird ornaments and decided to use them up. 

Kimberly over at ArtJoyStuff  has been doing a 52 week swap where she trades an ATC with one new person a week. So I sent her this one for week 22....
And then I just kinda pulled this one together real quick for myself. I posted it on Flickr and, as of last count, over 600 (update - 1,000!) people had viewed it and several had "liked"! I have never had that much activity over one of my pictures - so either I some how tagged/named it in such a way it comes up when people search or???? I've been laughing as I know how simple it was to make LOL. Oh well, I get my short moment of Flickr fame. Enjoy. Jewels. P.S. the fabric in the background is intended for a new kitchen valance - I really should get crackin on that....


  1. Very very pretty, Julie. I was out of town for your presentation but I checked with my neighbor Janet and she said it was just wonderful and she really enjoyed it.

  2. Over 600??!! Wow, you're Hot to Trot on Flickr - I'd better get on over there and add to that number ;)

    Both the ATC's are lovely.

    Re your kitchen valance fabric, I've had some fabric (££££££££'s) for my dining room curtains for 10 years now. Problem is, the fabric was so expensive (for me anyway) that I'm too scared to get started on it! I still like the fabric, so I really should ask someone else to do it.

    Off to Flickr forthwith.....


  3. Fantastic Jewels! But then of course they are well worth the look! :0) Mo x

  4. Haven't checked in here lately these are fantastic posts I especially like that cute duct tape book and watched the video, will have to make one of those. I spy pink tatting, love that effect I used it lately on an Easter banner swap.

  5. Love the fabric, stitching and tatting!! over 1000 views...then again your stuff is awesome Jewels! :)

  6. Hi Jewels,
    Thank you so very much for being one of my 52 swappers! The ATC you created for me is a treasure for sure, I love it. I will be posting pictures of my latest swap returns on April 1st, who knows, it may even bring a few more hits on your flickr.
    enJOY a lovely day,

  7. Your ATCs are so pretty...I can understand why they are getting so much attention! :-)