Saturday, August 24, 2013

Define Vintage

I have been looking for a piece of furniture for my office for some time now for storing supplies but I want it to be second hand so I have been regularly visiting my favorite places hoping I will get lucky...
This would fit the bill but sadly it is not the right size ...
Still I had to bring it home thinking it was very vintage - and just think of all the things I could tuck in those drawers! Old buttons, embellishments for artsy stuff, maybe even jewelry which it was originally intended for...
It does need a little tender loving care to clean it up (without hurting the patina of course)...
On the back I found a wind up for music! Surely this would help me date it - maybe some nice classical music like Beethoven or Chopin...

In anticipation I turned the crank and.....Yesterday by the Beatles started playing LOL...well I guess some would consider that vintage! I don't mind but I still need to find my big piece. Wish me luck...Enjoy Jewels


  1. Haha, well my kids would think that The Beatles are 'well vintage'!

    It's still a great little find, enjoy filling it up with little treasures :)


  2. Unfortunately (for us) I think the Beatles are vintage! I think it would be a great surprise to hear their music coming out of a music box!

  3. I love the box Jewels, but I have to say I would be disappointed to hear the Beatles coming out of it, and would probably remove the winder, lol. Have a good new week :0) Mo x

  4. Hey Jewels.....that box is still a sweetie! reply to your comment; re my basket, we used a tin of spray paint bought from our local hardware store!

    bestest to you

    Daisy x

  5. Now matter what the term "vintage" means, that is one adorable little piece. Hope you can find a big one that is similar - that would be perfect. I am so looking forward to tomorrow! You girls certainly bedazzled this old lady with all the great cards and Facebook comments - it was so awesome! Bill looked at every card and even made a trip to the mailbox one day to bring some of them home. You helped make turning 85 fun - and I am thankful for all of my quilter friends, you, of course, included way up there on the list! :-) Carol