Thursday, January 29, 2015

DLP 2015 - Week 4 - Friends

This week’s DLP Art Challenge: Writing and our Prompt: Words with Friends

As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted do. I have made so many lovely friends over the last five years via social media – it has been amazing and I appreciate every single one of you.
Two, however, are absolute “besties” and they are who I had in mind when I wrote my little ditty (I have to laugh, I just finished telling Jo I was not the touchie feelie type and then go write this sniffer about her and Lenna lol). Of course I was supposed to “write” on my journal page – dah -  I should pay closer attention to the challenge details…Oh well, I like the old typewriter font for this piece.
 Source: Flickr Mike at Vintage Ladies
And of course being DLP I challenged myself to do something totally different and out of my comfort zone. I recently purchased Dina Wakley’s Art Journal Courage and got inspired (I think there is too much pushing of specific product lines but if you can ignore all of that you will learn a lot).

I followed her instructions (page 72 to be specific just so you know) and pulled every stencil I own out (I don’t have many) to try. I have a “test” journal where I experiment with new techniques before I commit them to my DLP journal pages – sure glad I did for this one (yes, almost had a similar “blob” disaster as last week and learned you DON’T need a lot of Payne’s Grey paint – a little drop will do ya).
Half Way Through the Layers

SO many things going on in terms of layers upon layers and different application techniques. I particularly liked painting the surface than placing a stencil on top and removing paint with a baby wipe for a different effect (but I have decided I need to find a way to “go green” as I am generating too much waste – any suggestions? And yes I do plan to recycle some of the more colorful wipes into other work).
The hearts are a piece of scrapbooking paper with adhesive backing that I painted blue…neat texture.

While my picture is vintage, I still think it works with the crazy background. Enjoy. Jewels 


  1. This is so rich Jewels, in so many ways. It is one of my absolute favorites that you have done!!! (and not just because it's about me & Jo-ha!!)

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous colourful spread! And the photo is perfect for your lovely words. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned ((hugs)) x

  3. Oh wow, wow, wow!! These are AMAZING pages - vibrant and rich and with so much of interest on which to feast the eye! That is a fabulous image, perfect for the 3 of us :)

    I am so grateful for our friendship and look forward to many more years of arty fun.

    Well done for pushing yourself to try new things in DLP - it's always harder to do that than go for the tried and tested (and successful!). I'm so glad you were rewarded by not having a major 'flub' this week :D

    I'll keep an eye out for that book, it looks great (and I am learning to resist product placements!).