Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stretching....To Be

One of my 2015 goals is to try new artsy things - so started off early by really stretching myself with this gift.
If any of you are Dr. Who fans you will appreciate, and understand, the reference to Gallifreyan...I found this image on Tumbler here - wish there was more information about the person who created it so I can give more of a credit...
So what was new? Well working on canvas for the second time in several years (11 x 14), using modeling paste for the first time for texture, "burning" the edge of the paper (I probably did more of that kind of thing unintentionally when I was a Girl Guide but that's a different story LOL), and working up several layers with acrylic paints, collaged paper, stamps and ink spray.
I learned some do's and don'ts along the way for the next time (and there will definitely be a next time). 
Like a couple of my friends (Jo and Frieda) I have joined The Documented Life 2015. Still time for you to join in too if you are interested. And there will be more swaps of different things with different Peeps. I plan to make as much time for it all as I can so stay tuned! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. What an interesting canvas, I really like all the texture.

    We are all big Doctor Who fans in the Urbani household, and we totally LOVE the Gallifreyan elements :)

    Looking forward to getting started on TDL2015.


  2. Wow Jewels, your work on canvas is really cool. Good for you for starting the year with something new!

  3. Wonderful canvas Jewels. The colours are excellent and the textures inspired. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Documented Life 2015 ((hugs)) :D x

  4. This is a wonderful piece of the look and textures!