Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DLP2015 - Week 1 - Jump

I am doing the Documented Life Project 2015 to try some new things. There is a theme per month and then a weekly challenge. Here is what it is for the first week of the year....
January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 1
Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper

To get over the blank page this week it was suggested we start by gluing pieces of paper for our background and then go from there. 
I decided to keep it REAL simple with just one goal - JUMP into my art this year - take lots of risks and try new things.
I used acrylic paints, stamps, floral tissue paper (from the Dollar store). The idea for my word came from Carolyn Dube's FREE tutorial - Use Your Words...
My young lady is from one of my vintage 1960's McCalls. I wanted it to be bright and colourful. I may go back and do some journal writing - but then again maybe not...Enjoy Jewels...


  1. I like...and I'm guessing you had fun making it!

    1. I sure did Beth. Especially using cheerful colours in the middle of winter :)

  2. Wonderful pages :) I think you (and I, when I get started - famous last words, eh?!) will be having lots of fun with DLP!


  3. Your spread came out GREAT, Jewels! I love everything about it--the yummy papers underneath, the bright colors, and the vintage image of the woman. And the goal, too, of course! Looks like you are right on track with your goal of jumping into your art!

  4. LOOKS GREAT JEWELS! I am doing the DLP too, at least I am going to try! Right now my first week is up on blipfoto: http://tinyurl.com/nzy4q8m. I always need things like this to get me going so fingers crossed :0)