Friday, January 23, 2015

DLP2015 - Week 3 - Colour

This week's art challenge The Color Wheel with the journal prompt: "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way . . ."  
- Georgia O’Keeffe.
It all started well enough - I went back to  free tutorials from a wonderful artist Terri Kahrs for building up my base. I loved how it turned out and considered many different options for my main graphics. 
But sadly I flubbed BIG much so I was ready to pack it in until I found this page in a Flow magazine. It made me stop and think - I COULD make it work. I actually used it instead of the O'Keeffe quote. 
However, as they say in the land in Oz, don't look behind the curtain LOL. Fortunately no one will ever see the messy blob behind it :)
I remembered a free tutorial from one of the DLP ladies (Sandi Keene) on how to make Deli Paper Flowers...
And this is how it all turned out - seriously, not at ALL what I initially planned (my idea and actual execution just did not jive this week). Oh well - it was bound to happen but I recovered okay I think. Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. You recovered amazingly! The thing is, none of us knew what you had in your head, none of us can see behind the mysterious curtain - all we see is the finished pages which are fab! I love the background, those deli paper flowers - and the inspired use of that magazine page!


  2. Finding that page was obviously meant to be :) And I agree with Joanna ~ the finished pages are fab!! :D I love Terri Kahrs work, she makes it easy for us to do lush backgrounds.
    Have a great weekend Julie! :D x

  3. I'm addicted to the deli-paper flowers - LOVE how you've used them here. Don't know about Terri Kahrs so am headed there now.....