Monday, March 23, 2009

Travelogue and Give Away!

Well I got home early yesterday and did, indeed, get some licks from Master Gryphon - what a funny old dog he is. While in Sarnia, Ontario I spent time with my family - though I had a really miserable cold. Did not stop me from doing a little tour around town so I could take some pictures to share. Unfortunately Saturday was not overly sunny but I think some of these turned out okay. My first stop was Canatara Park - a nice area of town right on Lake Huron, with a great beach - I spent many hours there growing up. We always went to the Children's Farm - unfortunately it was not open but did manage to get these shots.
First critters I ran into - Canadian Geese - go figure. Wonder if they are paying attention to the sign. There a few old buildings on the property which they open up for special events (like Easter and Christmas). The gates were closed for the day but I still had a poke around.Not far from the Park you can go under the Bluewater Bridge that links Ontario to Michigan. It is right where the St. Clair River opens into Lake Huron. When the shipping lanes are open in the Great Lakes you will get to see all kinds of ships passing through from different countries on their way up to Lake Superior. One of our favorite spots in the summer time (especially the Chip Truck).

And now for the Give Away (which I promised Master Gryphon could help with). On my way home I stopped in at the duty free and picked up a few "souvenirs".

If you leave a comment by noon, Saturday March 28th, I'll put you in for a draw ( based on a random number selection by Mr. G himself). Good Luck!


  1. ooooooooooo!!! I love maple candy! pick me! pick me! I do adore a man in uniform too!
    (mauh) Liz

  2. Looks like someone had a good time shopping. You can put the Funoldhag in the drawing!! Love your pictures - looks like a lovely place to have grown up, Julie. I am sure Mr. G is glad you are home again.

  3. Even though I live here, those pics still bring back wonderful memories of mum taking us to see the chicks hatch every spring. When Josh and Andy were little there was a goat they named "Smiley" because he had a very crooked snout and his lips were always so high up on his gums that his teeth were showing. Of course, you can never go to the animal farm without stale bread for the ducks and veggies for the other beasties. Thanks for sharing and triggering wonderful memories as a child and a parent.
    Jen xoxoxox

  4. Oh, I am glad that you had fun on your mini vacation, so sorry that you were sick with a cold. Candy is my favorite.

  5. Ah, so now your American enough to be a tourist in Canada. Hmmmm. I am missing being close enough to get the Canadian stations on the cable. Hope you're over your cold by now.

  6. Those Candadian geese are such a pain. We had loads of them back home, detroit area. They always made such a mess of our park areas and boy do they have a mean streak! Great pictures and how fun to think of a give away. You're so creative!

  7. What? No Tim Hortons in there? I wish I could identify all the items in your giveaway, but I am not well versed on my Canadian souvenirs. It looks like Canadian Monopoly to me...Will all of my property purchases reflect a current exchange rate of two-thirds its value? :) I can think of no better way to brush up on my Canuck Trivia than to be Gryphon's pick. So do multiple comments make for multiple entries? How will Gryphon choose, a remake of Elephant Bingo?


    Feel better!