Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attack of the Pine Cones continued...

Well it was a lovely day today here in Michigan - like most folks I knocked off work a little early before the long weekend - thought I'd take advantage of the sunshine to "do battle" with those pesky pine cones I talked about earlier.
I learned a while ago, if you are going to clean the back yard you have to sweep the sunroom roof first! Otherwise you cause extra work below. And we had plenty of pine cones there.
Mr. Gryphon is anxious - he knows his Mum is not overly good with heights so what the heck is she doing on the roof outside the bedroom!
Back on terra firma I took stock of my front garden - looks pretty sad indeed.
Unfortunately the deer were not kind to my bushes this past season - can't really blame them given what a long, cold winter it was for them to suffer through - still this poor bush will need a real haircut.
But there were lots of signs of "life" amongst all the debris as well - Spring really is here!
As for my enemy pine cones - they really don't play fair - look at my poor rake! And of course, silly me thought I could clean it all up in a couple of hours - sigh. I am going to pull out all my garden "knick knacks" this weekend and brighten up the place a bit, and continue the advance on those cones! .... TO BE CONTINUED>>>

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  1. I need to talk to Gryphon to see if that was REALLY you on that roof!! Remember the christmas lights????? LOL
    Jen xo