Friday, April 10, 2009

Pattern Heaven

I like old dress patterns - and every now and then I will come across a stash, like today! Someone had obviously emptied out a sewing room and donated boxes to the local thrift shop. I only go for those that are pre 1965 - and you can find some gems like these.

The sizes intrigue me - apparently 16 1/2 = a 35 Bust, 31 Waist and a 39 Hip (huh) - fortunately, I've found websites that can translate into today's sizes. Not that I would ever make them, I just like the pictures - and for a measly 25 cents (that's 31 cents Canadian, eh) it's worth it. I also like the styles - I would wear a dress everyday if they were as "fashionable" as way back when.
These two date from 1947 - I had to remind myself what a Peplum was and you don't hear Vestee that often.

And this little number came "compliments of JC Penney's" - if you can't read the fine print it says "Buttons and Bows Apron" Hit song in the Paramount Picture the "Paleface" starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell (ah yes, 1948, a time when were frequently "incorrect").But the kicker was this one - I especially love the nightcap and curler bag ;->. There were also a number of patterns for doll clothes but I'll save those till next time....


  1. Now you are in the era of my younger days!! I was married in 1949. Loved peplums and loved the full skirts on the dresses. The prices were right, too. I kept old patterns for a long time but finally got rid of most of them. The artwork on those - especially the last one - is delightful! Fun, Julie! Carol

  2. You made a score with those patterns- they are darling. I especially like the ones for the hats- can you imagine trying to make your own hat? And the bows on the bottom of that blue dress- so cute.

    I have the sheet music for Buttons & Bows in with my button collection- fun to see the pattern for it too- they were cross merchandising as far back as 1948.

  3. Truly, those are some of the best patterns ever. I love those old terms on patterns, too - never heard of a vestee either!