Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deadlines and Neat Finds....

A while back I was talking about projects - too many in fact! Well things are finally catching up but I did have a big deadline this week - our Shelterhouse annual fundraiser and silent auction (one of my worthy causes). I wish we did not have to have Shelterhouses, but the sad truth is we do - and a friend of mine (who is also a weekend running buddy) happens to be our local director. This year I am relying on my old standby, Even More Quilts for Baby - don't know why but I always come back to it - very easy patterns to do - this one is "Iowa Road". When I bought the fabric last February I was really thinking Spring - hence the daisies.

And what would a quilt be without a Bear to go with it - I guess we will have to call her Daisy!

I also had some recent "spring" finds. I love this old tablecloth - the pinks and burgandies are very nice.

I also found this strawberry embroidery. It never ceases to amaze me what people give away - both of these items just needed a good cleaning and, voila, they are decorating my house!

Last but not least was this cute calendar towel I picked up on my last trip to Canada - notice anything?
Yep - all the months are in French (mais oui) - what else would you expect from a thrift shop in a bilingual country - sweet!

Though I have to say - on close inspection that is definetly NOT a North American squirrel - looks suspiciously European to me! Enjoy! (special note to Barb - I agree girlfriend - Blog Musak is NOT for me either!)


  1. Darling quilt and teddy. Someone will really love getting those. You also come across some really great finds - also love the tins in the earlier post. So many pretty things out there if you can just find them!

  2. Ok what's up with that squirrel??
    European you say? I think he's a deviant mutation between a rabbit and a squirrel!!
    Love the daisy quilt, that will be one lucky baby.
    J xo