Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doll Patterns including Barbie

More patterns to share from my big find on Friday. These are all for doll clothing.
At first glance you might think they are regular patterns - they really are gorgeous.
I think the first one is fun - it includes directions for making the "closet".
This one looks like it dates back to the 1940's - it is the oldest of the bunch I picked up.

There were several Barbie Doll patterns from the early 60's. I only ever owned one Barbie Doll - I got her as a present at a Christmas Party for a company my Dad used to work for. They were an annual event at the old Kenwick Terrace downtown Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (that building is long gone). Not knowing anything about being a "collector" at that young age (I'm not going to date myself) I proceeded to chew her feet off (I kid you not). This is a reason I won't make millions from my old things :-<...

And who could forget Barbie's sister Skipper?

Poor Ken - never a real Groom - I hear he and Barbie are just friends now... Happy 50th Barbie - you go girl. And if anyone who is a serious Barbie collector (as you can tell by my story, I am not) is interested, I would be happy to send you the Skipper and Barbie patterns (I'm keeping the rest) - they are not all complete but still fun to look at. All I would ask for is the cost for postage. First one to ask can have them, just include your email address.


  1. Your vintage patterns were a great find and what a fun item to collect!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. Hi Jewels! I would love the patterns! knittingbee at telstra dot com ..... thanks for a great post! ..... Marian aka crazyhaberdasher in Oz

  3. WOW! Those are really vintage Barbie!
    If memory serves I believe you had the one with the short dark hair. She really did chew the feet off!!! I was the bigger Barbie fan, the camper, the corvette and Malibu Barbie........who could ask for anything more!
    Some of those doll clothes look better than some of the clothes humans wear. Awesome find.