Friday, April 17, 2009

Old Tins

There's something about old tins, don't you think?
I mean really nice ones (English are the best!).

A friend of mine gave me this one - she thought I might not want it (are you kidding).

This one came from my Mum - one of my favorites - the picture is wonderful - I think it had chocolate in it.
This one (also from my Mum) I think had stationary inside - I will have to ask her.
These two came from the Recycling Center - at different times! What a coincidence.
Of course I have to have one from Dad's side of the family (Scots Wha Hae!)
There are tins that do get used - like these for Artist Trading Card exchanges. I like old tins - hope you do to.....

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I remember that trading card. I think that was 3 years ago that the Q2 girls did those and the theme was winter wasn't it. That was one of the cards that I did... thanks for the memory. I remember the kids helped me find snow like things to put on them. That was alot of fun doing those, I think that we had to make 5 of them to trade at a meeting. :)