Sunday, July 26, 2009

G&G Vacation Report 2

Gwendoline: After dealing with bears, foxes and other wild life (Gryphon: No lions or tigers thank goodness) we headed for our cottage. I’ve recovered from this part of our vacation, but you should know I considered this a most traumatic experience! The last leg before we got to our cottage was a drive through Manitoulin Island.
It started out well enough – I was asleep in the back as we crossed over from the main land.
We stopped along some scenic areas along the way - including lunch here at Mindemoya (Gryphon: Say that three times fast). Mummy even found a Quilt shop!

Mum and Dad bought some art work for back home.
Then Dad did an odd thing and got in line with a bunch of other cars at this place called South Baymouth. There were lots of other dogs with their persons about. Some strange tents I’ve never seen before.

And then it arrived! (Gryphon: Notice Mum is getting fancy with her photos)....
Suddenly all these cars came out of its stomach…and then we had to drive in!
It was horrible – I shook the whole time (over an hour) and Mum held on to me tight.
Gryphon: I honestly don’t know what the big deal was – the weather was nice and I was with Dad.
Lot’s of interesting things to look at.
Gwendoline: Needless to stay “Get me off of this ship!” We finally landed and I collapsed in the back of our car. Mum said that was it for awhile – no more car rides for me for at least a week! (Gryphon: Darn, I LOVE car rides)
But we had a very nice time. The weather was perfect. Mum and Dad made native style bannock one night over the fire.

They took canoe rides around the harbor. And we did a LOT of sleeping.
Gryphon: Fine by me!
Gwendoline: That’s it till next time (September) – we all can’t wait! Meanwhile, hope you are all having a lovely summer where ever you may be (or winter for our Aussie friends!) Lick, Lick – G&G.


  1. That whole "put your car on the ferry" thing is kind of strange- maybe I just say that because you'd never do it in Kansas. Poor Gwendoline- good thing she had Mom to take care of her.

    Love the canoe picture on your banner- looks like a relaxing vacation!

  2. The bannock looks yummy, and Gryphon looks quite relaxed. He must have really needed that vacation.

  3. oh, i am so sorry for gwen, she looks terrified. Dogs and water, not a good mix,me thinks.

  4. Sounds like you all had a great vacation. Your ferry story reminds me of when we were kids, once in a while on a Sunday afternoon we would "take a ride" and drive up to a little town about 10 miles north of where we lived. There was a ferry there that took cars over to the little town right across the river which was not very far. That was the kind of outings we had as children - and it was fun. Hadn't thought about the ferry from Sparland to Lacon in a long time. Enjoyed your post, G & G!! Your persons have raised some good little pooches. Carol