Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

I seemed to have acquired some "basket" embroidery during my travels.
This lovely design includes butterflies.
So does this (but no basket).

This tablecloth was in really rough shape with some ugly brown spots all over it - I soaked it for overnight in Oxybrite and that seemed to help though you can still see some of the spots. I may try something else (or just leave as is, you know what they say about cleaning things on the Antiques Roadshow!). My favorite, however, is this pillow cover - crunched up in the bottom of a basket. For $2 CDN ( $1.82 US) I'll take it. I plan to put a pillow form inside and display it. Reminded me of this book I have.
Which leads me to another "non basket" item (found at the same time).
It was very "off colour" when I got it - but it also got soaked and is ready for me to embroider (Barbara Jean if you want to "copy" before I do let me know!). The same book also had "pet" embroidery. I have many of the books in this series - I used one for my "7 of Hearts" Playing Card Quilt for our Guild Challenge this year.
Well speaking of pets, G&G are chomping at the bit (so they say) to give another vacation report (seems a distant memory now). Stay tuned!


  1. Oh barbara will love seeing this and she loves dogs. I will bring her in tomorrow and show her this before she goes home. Her computer is down for a few days while she remodels her sewing/work room.

  2. What a great bunch of purchases you made, Julie! I adore all the old embroidered pieces - are some of them tinted with crayons? That is something that really fascinates me. I have two similar books on old linens that I just love. One is on vintage ladies. Will take a picture and post it on my blog sometime. I used to have pillowcases that were embroidered but I actually used them up. Sigh!! Carol