Monday, July 27, 2009

A Quilt Moment

One of my blogging peeps, Barb over at Oddles and Oddles, recently posted about a lovely old quilt she found while "on the hunt". Over the weekend I was doing my domestic goddess thing and cleaning out the spare bedroom and realized my bed quilt was very similar so thought I'd share. I don't think it is quite as pretty as Barb's but it was one of those ridiculously low priced items at a second hand/gift shop that I had to adopt it - all hand quilted.

Cleaning is a good thing (which I seem to do less of the older I get) especially when it comes to quilts. I don't think this is a really "vintage" quilt by proper definition - even so, it does have that feel.
Actually, this is a cautionary tale - if you have one of your lovelies sat out, it's a good idea to "air" now and then. Hubby and I stood outside and shook this baby for quite a few minutes because of all the dust it was generating (seriously, I could have used a face mask!). I then let it sit outside for awhile to get that special smell we all love.
And of course whats an old quilt without some old pillow cases - one of my Thrift Shop scores. I adore the little blue birds.
Anyways, that's my moment! And remember to air your quilts!


  1. How pretty, Jewels!! What a lovely old quilt and the pillowcases are wonderful -- absolutely made for each other. You find some wonderful things when you go thrifting! Carol

  2. Mmmm, I don't know which one is prettier - I love that one with my favorite green color. The pillowcases are fabulous. Bluebirds are one of my favorite things.