Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Books

Well I don't know where to begin - I have so many stories to tell from our 2 week jaunt - including "finds". I thought I'd start with the thing that brings out the librarian in me - books! Seems like I have made alot of recent finds of old books which I have different plans for...

This lovely children's book (1935) is full of different verses I think will show up in different collages. Here is an example
This next book (1914) I picked up just because I thought the pictures (and there are several of them) were hilarious - talk about melodramatic indeed -

I think I will use this next item (1906) for an Altered Book project - the cover and the insides had separated - but everything is "useable"...

Leslie - this one made me think of you and the nuns ;->

There there was this great old Sewing Book ( 1943). This page describes seasonal changes in accessories for every month.

And a whole chapter was dedicated to "Utility Clothes" , including this description for Factory Workers Garments (this was, after all, published during wartime)...

On the brighter side - there was this lovely 1949 Bird guide

Including owls of course!

And finally - my favorite - simply falling apart but lovely graphics - a 1894 Business Guide. Many pages dedicated to proper Handwriting and fancy penmanship.

And several tips including "Never Sign a Paper for a Stranger" , "How to find the price of any number of pounds, yards, pieces or bushels", "How to apply for a situation" and my favorite "Teaching business to children"

If you can't read the caption it says " My son, you shall have a home while I live. But I cannot deed you my farm. It is all I have to support me in my old age" - How funny - I guess some things never do change!


  1. Oh my Julie, great finds. Actually my little Peter Rabbit Garden in my backyard was inspired by an old book that I found at an antique shop years back and keep laying out for display. I am really attracted to very old childrens books also. I actually found a very old Dick and Jane basal reader years back and treasure it dearly. Thanks for the Nun memory, lol.

  2. Hi, Julie - What great books you brought back with you. They are so much fun to look at. I have an old book called something like What Every Young Man Should Know that is hilarious. Will get that out one day. Don't you just love this weather!!!!! Carol