Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wildflowers Everywhere!

It's taking me forever to sort through all our photos but I'm getting there! I seemed to have taken a lot of pictures of wildflowers. It was just the right time of year - and since we are not full time residents we are pretty much "overgrown" as you can see by my new banner picture, which is just fine with me. It allows all kinds of birds and bugs (good and bad) to take advantage of our property! Here are some samples of what you can find...
...Wood Lily
...Yellow Lady Slippers - most were spent for the season but you could still find batches like these...
...Northern Blue Flag Iris along the water's edge...

Canada Anemone...lots and lots... ...Orange Hawkweed ...
...Common Silverweed... ...I love this one but could not find the name - anyone know?
...Bladder Campion... ...very pretty wild Roses - I especially like the rosehips that will be coming later in the season ... I always take cuttings for our dining room table...took this snap by our back door before bringing them in...

And I was THRILLED that all our milkweed was doing its job! Caterpillars and Monarchs everywhere (kudos to hubby who took pics of the butterfly)...

I'll leave you with this last wonderful picture of water lilies...taken during a canoe ride around the harbour - just to let you know this was one of MANY shots - hubby and I were laughing so hard trying to get the canoe either close enough and/or "steady" long enough for me to get a good picture...but that is what makes this all the more special - every time I see it I'll smile thinking about the lovely time I was having!


  1. What a great group of pictures of your lovely "flower garden"! So much beauty for you to enjoy that you didn't have to plant nor weed nor cultivate - it's all done for you. The waterlilies are gorgeous. A beautiful post, Julie! Carol

  2. Gorgeous pictures - that looks like a hard place to leave. BTW, the Miss Marple episode Sunday night used the phrase "tickety-boo," and I was thrilled (b/c I knew what it meant.) Alas, the doctor was predicting that someone would be just tickety-boo, and then the patient keeled right over. That kind of thing seems to happen quite a bit in Miss Marple's circle.

  3. The photos are just perfect of the flowers on such clear and peaceful days. I am glad that you enjoyed each other together. But.... where are the pictures of the dogs?

  4. Jewels, I think the unkown flower might be a columbine?
    Lovely pictures. We are watching the DVD Canadian series Wind at My Back...rented them from the library.
    If you haven't seen them, I think you would enjoy them.