Saturday, November 19, 2011

All I want for Christmas.... a new frackin computer!!!! When hubby noted ours was 7 (yes SEVEN) years old it explained a lot - and the versions of different software are about the same (argh). Just think Lenna, I could be following you on your super duper version of your blog :)...

It's slowly been having a melt down the last few weeks so we've started looking - any suggestions? I need to replace soon before it goes kaput. The "all in one" are intriging but not mature enough for me to trust them. I could get a laptop but I would still need a decent keyboard and monitor for the artsy stuff...

So would love to hear what you like/dislike about your current technology - let me know. Thanks! Jewels


  1. It's tough to beat a Dell. We buy them by the case load for our 5 stores. We use the hell out of them and they mostly plug along forever. Maybe a new power supply now and then, but in the long haul, we've been pleased with them. If you look at their website, you can choose various options for how you'll use it - better graphics card for gamers, etc.
    Some people swear by Macs. I've never had one so no opinion.

  2. I'm one who swears by her Mac!! Used to have a Dell, which was fine until there was a problem and then I struggled with their after sales help. My Mac is wonderful - a dream to use, no virus software necessary, and no tower - all the technology is in the screen, neat eh?! It's pricy, yes, but in my humble opinion, worth every penny.

    Good luck with your choice.


  3. You will so enjoy a new pc with one of the big screens. It is so irritating when they start giving you trouble. Hope you find a great one!

  4. You do realize you're missing out on the best source of information in our family, your nephew Mr Computer Tech himself.

  5. awww, jewels! I put the old version back, with the newer version as a 'choice'.... check it out. I had to laugh when I read your comment on Penny's blog "well if Jo AND Lenna are thinking of doing this, count me in!" : )) it does sound like fun, hope she does it!

  6. I have a dell vostro laptop and really like it . . .