Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going Gothic

Well Halloween has passed us by once again. Living out in the country we don't actually get little visitors at our door (which saves me buying candy every year - what a meanie)...I do like to have pumpkins but the last couple of years our friendly woodland critters have been dining on them! But we are on to Christmas decorations now...(say what! when did that happen...)
Keeping with October, this (past) month's mail art theme was Going Gothic. First up, Beth's lovely rendition of Mona Lisa as a goth girl. How funny - on the back of the postcard she talks about her "research" into goth. Love the make up and the Gargoyle (which apparently Mona hates).
Next up is Leslie's hilarious "gloomy obituaries". Apparently it took her awhile to come up with something for our theme, but then it just all came together. Personally I think she had the most fun writing the obit...another great postcard to add to my Mail Art collection!

Thanks ladies - unfortunately I forgot to get pics of my contribution before I got in the post so hoping one of you will share mine! November's theme is Turkey Wrap (need to incorporate the big bird, dead, alive or cooked - LOL). Enjoy, Jewels.


  1. Fun Gothic theme - love what the girls came up with.


  2. Oh Jewels what a hoot about the turkeys!! You'll have a blast making that one!! Laughing as you make it!! I'm smiling just thinkin about it!! Your love for mixed media has grown so much since I started reading your blog!! I love it!! It helps so much to trade and swap!! I've backed off alittle til I can catch up!! LOL I really want to see your turkey whatever way he ends up!!! Take care, XO Fran.

  3. Jewels, finally I posted all of our Goth. Pretty cool. I hoope my pixs do the artwork justice. Hugs.bb