Monday, November 7, 2011

Painful as it may be...

...I hate back spasms, I really do. Unfortunately I inherited my Dad's bad back and every now and then it just decides to "go" - some times I can explain it, some times I can't. Needless to say, when it goes it goes and there is not much I can do about it but continually stretch the muscle and work it out. It does make it difficult to go to work as a. I have to literally stand most of the time and b. I would get funny looks regularly hitting the floor either in pain or in an effort to stretch.

Today was one of those days - I did manage to get work done standing at the kitchen counter and regularly taking breaks. The worst thing I think you can do is go to bed (just makes it worse for me). When I finally did finish for the day I decided to take my mind off of things by working on Mary Green's newest class - Christmas Gluebooks. She provides the instructions and graphics but I decided to use as much original material as I could. This first book "cover" includes old sheet music, a vintage stamp and a graphic from an old card - the green background (I confess) is scrapbook paper.

I also have a pile of more retro Christmas cards - 50's and 60's - that I wanted to use. Totally different colour palette to work with. I used the sheet music Mary provided which has a real pink tinge to it. The background paper is old gift wrap. The card has "sparkles" on it (I think most of my old cards do!). Anyway will be interesting to see how different the two books turn out! Enjoy - and you can sign up for Mary's class if your interested....Jewels (p.s. I'm thinking I'll have recovered by tomorrow...fingers crossed)


  1. Ouch, your back sounds very painful (as a fellow back sufferer I'm with you, sister!). Your Christmas Gluebook pages are wonderful. and so 'you'. I LOVE those retro images you've used, and as usual your colour choices are spot-on.

    Hope your back is behaving soon,


  2. Blankidy, blank, backs. I know what you mean when it goes...I have the same problem. Good to do ARt fro back relief. Your pages are too cool. Here is your chance to use up some of that stash. NOw I wish I would have signed up.

  3. Sorry to hear about you back pain, I hope to see you tonight at the meeting. Feel better, Julie!!