Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey Wrap

November's Mail Art theme is "Turkey Wrap" - the only rule is to have turkey (dead, alive or cooked) in your art. What a hoot. I really enjoyed this one. My Peeps have received mine so I know I can share with you.

I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do. If your a certain age you remember TV dinners fondly (kinda). I was lucky to find some great ads on the Internet. These are the two I used.

And here is the finished product - like Leslie says, it just feel so Leave it to Beaver. Can't you just hear the one boy saying in a sing song voice "allllll yearrrr longgggg" (snort). And seriously, the other one wants to watch the news! I just laughed when I read this (you should be able to double click and see a larger picture) 

I used this graphic on the back. Don't think the sentiment would be considered politically correct these days...Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Not fresh peas... just fresh-tasting peas lol. This was a really good one, Jewels.

  2. Fun mail art - but where is Dad? No one answers the little boy. Maybe it isn't turkey in that there Dinner on a Tray........!


  3. Great MailArt. I loved this one. It all came together so well. I just chuckled and chuckled, because, on the farm, we seldom got TV dinners. If we did, I can imgine it would have been a treat no matter how awful. Great job, Jewels. BB

  4. That is just wonderful, Julie - and so funny. I used to love tv dinners but didn't have too many of them.