Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hats Off Part 2

WHEW! I actually wrote this Post Dec 20th in anticipation it would get recieved shortly. Well Christmas interfered with the Postal Service to the UK but late this week I found out it had arrived safe and sound... So here is my original post...

YEAH - my Mail Art made it to Fiddlesnips Jo (whew, not sure how it would make out amongst all that Christmas mail)... You may recall the theme was Hats...I had so much fun with this!
For the postcard, I started with this advertisement I found - you know me, love the retro look.
And just went from there. I wanted to give that "big city" feel to it so found this downtown picture to include in the postcard.
There is also a job ad for Salesman. I liked the compass on the map (going places, get it?). Added paint and ink to distress things a bit. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
And found this wonderful image from the book First Steps in Reading English - cool eh! It went on the back.
I also had lots of fun with the envelope. I found some old advertisements on the web that were just right. The front lady matched the old wrapping paper I used for the background. Unfortunately a good chunk got covered by all the stamps the Postie Lady insisted I needed (oh well).
The other side was fun too. My biggest challenge was finding a matching background paper. Just nothing in my stash seemed to be right so I resorted to one of my favorite techniques - copying fabric on to card stock. I liked how this all matched up.

So that is my last artsie thing for 2011. I have something else in the works but alas it will probably need to wait till the new year. Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. I'm so glad it finally arrived, Jewels! I think we were both beginning to wonder if it had been swallowed up never to be seen again.

    Wonderful Mail Art (I adore your clever combination of colours and retro style) and the postcard is superb, pure Jewels!

    Thank you so much for swapping with me. 'Til the next one.......


  2. how cute, I love this one. See you Tuesday I hope.

  3. Totally awesome, Jewels! really like this mail art
    : )

  4. Wowzer ! fab mail art such gorgeous vivid images.