Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's Sunday afternoon when we pause before another hectic week...A big pot of veggie chili is on the stove bringing wonderful smells around the house. Hubby is happily watching soccer on TV and I'm getting ready to do some work work (as we call it - yeah, unfortunate but true)...

I went for a walk yesterday in a park near Maple Hill and took in the fresh snow. Lots of little ones sledding on the hill they have there and cross country skiers were everywhere. Lots of lovely scenery to take in.
I also had a chance to finally finish a piece I started before Christmas. Following my one New Year resolution, I wanted to try combining paper and fabric in a small quilt. It started with this lovely picture - I don't know who she is but I was happy to have got her photo in a lot from Beth.
I had these pages from an old dictionary that I knew I wanted to use some how. I Mod Podged it to give it some "weight" as I knew I was going to be sewing through it.
I also seem to be the owner of a lot of old lace and crochet ( a friend recently sent me a whole box she had been collecting for me from Garage Sales - a big surprise for me when they showed up!)
and embellishments (these were a thrift) - so wanted to use up some of my supplies.  
So here is the finished piece - some sewing and lots of gluing. Dimensions are 9 x 12...
A close up of some of the detail...
...and the reason why I call this piece Rose (I think she looks like a Rose don't you?).
Anywho it may not be Somerset worthy but I got to experiment which was what I really wanted to do. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Rose is BEAUTIFUL and every 9 x 12 inch worthy of Somerset! She DOES look like a Rose, doesn't she? What a sweet image, you've displayed her perfectly with your gifted lace and thrift finds. I really like the girls names paper behind her too.
    Now if you could just pass me a bowl of that veggie chili I would be very grateful ;o)


  2. The snow photos are so pretty. I don't care to live in the snow any longer but it sure makes for some lovely images.

    And Rose is great. That old piece of lace is gorgeous. Nice job and inspiring to me to get off my behind and use some of my burgeoning collection of that stuff. Where will you hang her?

  3. Not Somerset worthy? Surely, you jest Ms. Jewels! This is really beautiful and I love the contrasts. Hmmm, and now I am smelling some very yummy chili! xoxoxox

  4. Well this turned out just beautiful with all that old lace and the embellishments.