Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zippty Do Dah

Wahoo - finally got my Christmas present - a new Toshiba laptop. I am slowly loading stuff and getting it to where it needs to be but having fun.
And this is my first post using it! It is so fast (and SWEET). P.S. I should add a big hug and kiss for my hubby who did the research and kept watch for when the new addition to our collection of hardware was available - thank you sweetheart :)


  1. Hooray, and it's all shiny and new and lovely!


  2. Yahoo, for Julie. Never too old for toys are we. lol

  3. So you work solely from a laptop? I'm contemplating getting rid of my big desktop and getting a new laptop as my sole puter but just not sure. I know a lot of people work that way but I don't know...

  4. That looks wonderful! Should give you a long time of good service, Julie. And, by the way, Pass the Tiara looks terrific! Carol