Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monthly ATC Invite - January Garden Calendar

Penny over at the Linen Shelf started a monthly ATC invite (I'm not using the word "challenge" as that implies struggle - considering how I often "struggle" with these kinds of things I think "invite" is more friendly :>). So anyway she invited whomever wanted to join in creating an ATC once a month. We post on our own site and leave a comment on hers. 
It took me awhile to decide what I was going to do (see, I struggled, grrrr). One day I was thumbing through a 1938 edition of The Practical Encyclopedia of Gardening and, voila, a whole section dedicated to the Garden Calendar - with a graphic for each month (wahoo, though have not decided if I will use each one). Inspiration comes when you least expect it. 
Anyway, January was perfect - for those of us in colder climes that like to garden this is the time of year we might start "planning". I had an old seed catalog that I used as well as an advert from Better Home and Gardens... Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Ooh this is lovely Jewels. I struggled too & nearly called off the whole challenge ( invite ) glad I didn't as it brings me to lovely places like here !
    I really like how you took January as a positive sign for the rest of the year !

  2. Love it, Julie! Glad this comment thing works again!!

  3. what a great idea, Jewels -and I love your ATC!

  4. I thought I'd commented on this, but I clearly haven't!! Lovely ATC Jewels, I really like the seeds giving the promise of future sunshine and colour.


  5. I love flowers, and your combination is colourful, yet vintage-looking! Will the following months be similar in concept?

    I have also just posted my Jan ATC, a fabric one.

  6. I like the torn edged red paper that lets the background edging show. Good effect and cute ATC. Makes me want to go plant something.