Sunday, February 16, 2014

Deal Day?

Well I suppose the fact that money left my wallet really does not constitute a "deal day" LOL....but it certainly was a good one today...
Starting at the grocery store! I like to check where they have office supplies - you just never know (like I need more decorative tape ;>)...
Then Michael's have a 25% of your purchase (including sale items) today and tomorrow (pay attention my American peeps).... 
The foam pieces were marked down to clear for $1.99 so add the overall discount and that IS a deal - will mount these for stamping....(like I need more stamps)
But my favorite was the dollar store - a lot of times I never find anything but they happened to be bringing in their Spring items - I already have plans for using the tissue paper and serviettes! (like I need more tissue paper and serviettes)
I'm saving the best for last (something I actually don't have LOL) - these are not huge but wonderful colours (and for a $1.00 I may just go back to find some more!) - off to find a home for them! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Wow great and fun finds, but to this day your best bargain find was hands down, Mr. Darcy. I believe he is just about the most loving thing I have every seen. What a buddy you have in him. He watches to make sure you are always in eye sight. And sweet...........who gets that lucky. Oh and good looking.......Oh my.

    1. I wish I could meet him, I'll have to make do with photos (hint hint, Jewels!).

  2. I am very envious of your bargainous 'like I need more' items :D


  3. I usually look at the bargain area of the local yarn and craft stores. Sometime it is easier to try something new is the supplies are on sale.

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  5. Hi Jewels,
    I just love going to the dollar store. I find all kinds of happy things to play with there. I got your package yesterday and posted on my blog about it. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed seeing all your art work. You are so talented.