Saturday, February 8, 2014

Patina Dilemma

You know the old adage - out of sight, out of mind - that is so true at Maple Hill LOL....
I regularly go looking for something (in this case vintage scraps for a Swap project) and come across things I totally forgot about...
Like this lovely crotchet collar - obviously intended for a child...
Or these old children's hangers (I know the packet I found them in was only a $1.00).
So the dilemma - to clean or not to clean?
While I did wash the hangers (they were definitely in need of it) the collar really is a question mark.
Some times I do clean - and am very glad I did, but other times I regret it - in this case I risk loosing that lovely mellow brown (which really does not come through well in the pictures)....hmmm. Thoughts (and what hanger should I use to display)? Jewels


  1. Great to find these old/new marvels. I choose not to clean and the blue hanger.. Thats's my 3 cents. Hugs.

  2. Marvelous old collar. Can you imagine the kid all dressed up and that collar added as the finishing touch?

    I would clean because the stains along the back neck appear an odd greenish color from here, then tea dye if you wanted it mellowed a bit, and I'd put it on the cream hanger. Isn't it fun to find things you'd forgotten?

  3. I put my twopenneth on Flickr, but of course the hangers weren't there, lol :D AdOrrrAbLe!! Gosh , I would love to have those, lol. I remember them from when I was a child, and then more clearly from my younger brothers'. For this collar I would use the cream with those uber cute wee forest friends :o) Mo Xx

  4. I guess I would clean it in case whatever is staining it will help deteriorate the piece. Lovely and love the hangers!

  5. Well you know me Jewels!! I would keep the stain!! LOL and probably go a little bit more grubby!! And I would go for the cream one for all time and the cute green one for Easter/Spring time!! LOL THANKS I had fun hookin a sista up and my second thought was add some buttons and yo yos or other cool embellishments!! OK that's it I'm done now!! Stay safe my Michigan Friend!! More snow comin tomorrow!! SO they say!! XOXO Love Fran.

  6. I think I would *not* try to get the stain out, jewels . . . unless it really bothered you, then see if you could get it out. I like the neutral, cream colored hanger the best because it blends so nicely and does not distract. xo

  7. I with Lenna on the cream hanger. As for the patina that's a tough call. I'd leave it unless you think whatever is causing the colour is going to damage the collar longer term. It's a gorgeous collar!

  8. Please don't!!! Well, unless it's as ladychiara says about the damaging stuff. The collar is so gorgeous...
    When I hear you speak of Maple Hill, I immediately think of Maple Grove and Box Hill (I have been watching BBC's Emma yesterday... may be that's why, lol!)

  9. I wouldn't wash it - the staining gives it even more history. The hanger I'd choose would be the darling cream coloured one, with the green bunny one coming a very close second.


  10. I like this collar just the way it is. The hangars are fabulous and I would switch them out with the seasons...Green bunnies for Easter/Spring, blue Duckies for Summer swim time and beige for Fall/Winter with the precious forest friends. Blissful Joy...

    1. I think you have a nack for wonderful finds and I love the one that you gave me. I framed the redwork baby bib and look at it each day. It is so very special my friend as you are.