Friday, April 24, 2009

Cottage Dreamin (Sigh)

It's been almost 4 full months since I've been to our cottage. Hubby was able to go in February. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can make it for the Memorial Day weekend (as opposed to Victoria Day weekend which would have gotten me there sooner if we still lived in Canada, Dang) ...
Anyway, in anticipation of those lucky days we get to go next, I've pulled some pictures from the last couple of summers to share (and reminisce over). Lots of Lighthouses for us to explore.
I love bringing wildflowers in for the dining room table.
This is an old icehouse on our neighbour's property - when Lake Huron water was higher (a long time ago) folks would come up with their boats and get what they needed.

This was from last year - the wasps really did not bother anyone (and we certainly did not bother them). The good news - a friend from work whose real love is "bugs" wanted it to take for show and tell at one of the local schools she visits. So in December we "wedged' it of (hose stand and all) and brought it back for her - she loved it!

Can you see our monarch caterpillar! We are an official Monarch Waystation - we have tons of milkweed along our shoreline that we leave untouched - when you are at our place at the right time there are butterflies everywhere getting ready to migrate to Mexico.

I'll save some pics for next time I need a cottage "fix" - meanwhile enjoy! If you are interested in seeing where our retirement home is located, click on the cottage pic in the side bar. Later!


  1. Oh, Julie, how truly beautiful! No wonder you love it so. Please put up a little map so that we can see where your little piece of heaven is. I could most certainly be very happy in a place like that.

  2. I do love my cottage also, we just got home from a day trip to ours today. It was about 15 degrees cooler there and it also rained all day. But i just love being there. I cut out material for a new quilt while I watched it rain out the window and then later i went to a yarn shop down the road and sat with a group of ladies while they knitted there socks. It is just the upnorth feeling that i cherrish even if it is just a day trip and not a full weekend.

  3. Hoping to get up there at least once this summer.....heck I may even abandon the men and go for a weekend by myself! I'd never hear the end of it from them though.
    Oh well, a sister can dream!
    J xo

  4. PS......I'm VERY glad you got rid of that nasty wasp nest. It looks alot bigger than when we saw it last summer.........YIKES!
    J xo