Saturday, July 18, 2009

G&G Vacation Report 1

Gwendoline: So, how did we fair during our vacation? For the most part we slept - you have to remember we are both "seniors" so there were plenty of times Mum and Dad left us behind on their outings (Gryphon: I hate when they do that) or we could not do anything more strenuous then eat (ahem) french fries or Tim Bits are a few select photos of us ...
Gwendoline: Okay - technically NOT a dog (Gryphon: Man I was worried there for a minute), but part of one our first adventures (Mum would not let us near this guy). While leaving Sault St Marie to Sudbury we decided to make a side trip to St. Joseph's Island. Ever heard of it? Neither of us had but according to Mum it was not going to add much to our trip and it had an "old fort" built in 1796 on it so the humans (Gryphon: who out vote us every time) said "what the heh" ....this fella was sitting in the parking lot of the Park Visitor's Center. We got there after a long drive over some very pretty back roads. We were the only ones at the Park and the two nice ladies working there let us walk through the center with Mum and Dad so we could go and "inspect" the ruins.

It was a nice day - but boy were the mosquitoes bad - you did not stand still for long. We wandered about to take in the scenery - Mum says that is Michigan on the horizon.

Dad at least let us take a break once in awhile (Gryphon: Geesh I was knackered). The whole island is off the beaten trail, but worth the visit (said Mum and Dad). Personally, I'm just wondering when we get to eat. We did cross this cool bridge and had a pit stop at a little side park.
Nice spot to do your business if you know what I mean (heh, we're dogs!). Then off to Sudbury!
Gryphon: Where's Mum, where's Mum.....

There she is, standing under one Big Nickel! A Sudbury landmark...

And yes that is ONE BIG NICKEL!

Gwendoline: I'm bored - when do we eat?

Gwendoline: Our day trip from Sudbury was to some place called
Killarney- you drive through the park to get to the village - it was overcast and cool but still busy. We stopped here for lunch (yeah) ...

Where Mum and Dad shared some really good chips. There were some very pretty cottages that Mum insisted getting pictures of while we walked off calories...

Back in the park we could not go hiking, but went into the main campsite for more pics - Dad said the hills in the background are very cool...

Gryphon: What the heck? Gwendoline: BEAR....Dad quick just keep on driving (This is Mum, no animals were approached or harmed during this photo shoot - but we did see one more a few minutes later cross the road!!!)
Gwendoline: Well that enough for today - more to tell later (Gryphon: Nap time!), and thanks for following our road trip with us. We hope you enjoyed our pics (Gryphon: We wanted Lovely Leslie to know we had an okay time ;->) G&G (lick, lick)


  1. Hello, G&G - You two little fellows really know how to add a great post to your person's blog! What a great trip you all had and the pictures are really cool. I especially love the old cottages and could easily move right in to one of those. Hope you are all rested up now and back to normal - but what nice memories you have. Cheers! Carol

  2. I always appreciate a pet's - eye view. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I've always had a soft spot for those little Gothic-peaked cottages, which seem much more popular in Canada, for some reason. And the word "knackered" has just been added to my vocabulary - it's a great one!

  3. Well, there are the pictures that i was looking forward too. My dogs love to travel. We have one that gets car sick and needs to take a doggie dramamine and it works for her.