Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Funk

Egads I'm feeling very down about my blog these days. Not blogging, or sharing with all of you. No it's more like going into your bathroom and thinking "I really need to remodel" (which actually I do but that's another story). You may have noticed how stripped down things are at the moment. Problem is I know what I want to do in my head, but finding the time to figure it out is a different matter. I hope you can bare with me as I try colour swatches and new fixtures (that is exactly how it feels). I keep reading I should "brand" myself and be consistent with my banner (sigh, sounds like an awful lot of work to me). Anyway, hopefully I will be out of my funk soon and you will all want to come and visit to check it out. Thanks in advance for your patience...



  1. Hi Jewels, Good Luck with your branding!

    Looking forward to seeing your new spangly blog.......


  2. Jewels, I like your changes. I change my blog a lot I think, whenever I feel the need to make it "fresh" - like airing out the sheets! I think moving things around and trying out something new is a good thing that keeps it lively. I don't like 'same and boring' too much which is probably why I change mine around, but even my husband says it is always interesting to visit! So . . . fiddle around and see what looks good to YOU! I will still be visiting :))

  3. Ok sistah, FIRST of all, you have been through alot in the past couple of months so cut yourself some slack woman!!
    SECOND, I think your "branding" is the fact that you change your blog to fit the season, which I love. You are a very creative lady and your blog is a wonderful result of that. Branding sometimes puts you into a box and I don't think that is your way of expressing yourself. I thoroughly enjoy entering into your blog world and look forward to seeing what you've done to update your look. FINALLY you do what YOU want to do, how you feel, the message you want to create and most importantly be proud of how you create. You are an individual, and that's why I love you. xoxox